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​AC Replacement

Record breaking temperatures that report high heat indexes can be dangerous for children and the elderly as well as your pets so don’t take the risk of delaying your air conditioning replacement. Our HVAC technicians can inspect your home to find out the appropriate capacity for a new unit in order to save you money and to prevent underperformance of your unit. This can save you on energy costs and energy efficiency. Davie HVAC Services has a wealth of experience helping clients select appropriate heating and cooling models for their home.

​“Our institution has a large HVAC unit that we would not trust to any other service to repair and provide regular maintenance. Davie HVAC has excellent solutions that help us prevent big problems” – Walker C.

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​When you have challenges with your heating and cooling system we can provide you with excellent service for maintenance, repairs and installations. Call us and we respond quickly to all your HVAC service needs and we offer our clients fair and affordable pricing. Whether you’re in need of emergency repairs or you have general enquiries, we assist all of our clients with urgency when they call us, send an email or online message us. Our service to clients is first rate and our customer service is superior so when you’re in need of HVAC system assistance we are well prepared to help you. We understand your HVAC system is a value investment that should be repaired with little delay and with expertise so call us and we’re there for you.